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I am available to attend your event or be a guest on your podcast as a speaker or panelist to lead the following conversations:

Strategic Roadmap: Navigating Uncertainty with Confidence

In a rapidly evolving world, where uncertainty has become the norm, this talk is a dynamic and insightful presentation that offers practical guidance on how to thrive amidst ambiguity and volatility and goes beyond traditional strategic planning by introducing a comprehensive framework that embraces uncertainty as an opportunity for growth.

From SOLO to SUPPORTED: Optimization Strategies for Sustainable Business Success

The journey from a solo entrepreneur to a fully supported and thriving business requires a strategic approach that goes beyond initial success. This presentation delves into the crucial strategies and methodologies necessary for entrepreneurs to navigate the various stages of growth and achieve lasting success.


CEO: the Business Owner or the Business Obstacle?

This presentation looks at the CEO's role in shaping the trajectory of their business and explores the factors that determine whether a CEO serves as a driving force behind business success or an impediment to business growth.

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