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Delegate Your Decision Making

When we think of delegation, we often think of getting the ‘doing’ off our plates. And yes, this is the first and most important thing to delegate.

But it’s not the only thing you can delegate (it shouldn’t be the only thing!)

When navigating the 6 to 7+-figure journey, one of the things that can become a burden is the amount of decision making on your plate.

  • Decisions around vision, goals, and strategies. Where are we headed and how are we going to get there?
  • Decisions around operations and projects. Who is going to do what? What do they need? What tools do we need to be using? How do I know which is the best one to pick?
  • Decisions around team. Is everyone on the team in the right seat on the bus, doing what they do best? When do we need to hire someone else? Who to hire? Where to find them? What do I do if someone is under performing?
  • Decisions around money. Do we invest more in X or wait? Are we getting a good ROI on Y? Do we need to cut expenses?

We could go on… but we won’t (too many decisions to count!)

As your ecommerce business grows there are more and more decisions to be made daily. And if ALL those decisions land on you then chances are you will experience decision fatigue.

We only have so much ‘energy in the tank’ to make decisions each day. And when the tank runs dry, we either a) make poor decisions or b) stop making decisions period. That is decision fatigue!

It’s the reason why at the end of the day we can’t decide what we want for dinner – and end up having that conversation …either with ourselves or with our partner (“What do you want to eat?… I dunno – what do you want?… I don’t know either – you decide…. Ummmm”) Perhaps you can relate?

Woman sketching a business plan on a placard at a creative office - Delegate Your Decision Making
Woman sketching a business plan on a placard at a creative office.

It’s why Steve Jobs wore the same black turtleneck and jeans every day – because he didn’t want to waste a decision on what to wear.

It’s the reason why we find ourselves mindlessly shopping online in the evenings to give our brains a break and then wondering the next day why we bought yet another thing off Amazon that we don’t need. (Or is that just me?)

The truth is – YOU don’t have to be the only one making decisions in your business.

And if you are the only one making decisions in your business, it will start causing problems – especially as you navigate the 6 to 7+-figure journey. You will become the decision bottleneck.

Having a strategic partner at this stage is key to guide, walk you through or be the sounding board for bigger picture decisions and can have a great impact on you and your ecommerce business journey to address areas such as your vision for what are you creating and why, business models and new revenue streams or questions like “How do I want to grow and optimize this business?”

And definitely getting yourself out of the day-to-day decision making of how things are being run is a must for you. Decisions around ops, team, projects, and such that pop up constantly and suck your energy dry… all of those are decision guides that an operations consultant can help you with as your strategic partner.

Your business needs you in your zone of genius. It needs you to spend your brain power on the future of your biz and serving clients. Not so wiped out from all the decision challenges that you’re unable to strategically optimize and grow your ecommerce business.

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