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Do you work in organized chaos? You know, having piles of paper on your desk or in your workspace that to the naked eye looks messy yet you know where everything is located? 

Even if your workspace and desk are neat, can you say the same thing about your computer files, or does it take you a good 15 minutes to find one file because it’s not labeled properly?  Sound familiar?

Clutter leads to distraction which leads to poor productivity. Believers of Feng Shui believe that clutter disturbs the positive energy in the room or home, thereby complicating your life, disturbing the interior view of your home, stealing precious time from you and your family (even your business and team), and draining your vital energy. As it’s often said, “Cluttered space, cluttered mind!”  No wonder it’s difficult to work in clutter!

Here are 3 ways you can clear clutter to improve your productivity:

#1: Identify the Clutter and Find a Place for Everything

Do you still have a toolbox in your office from 3 months ago when you were hanging up new curtains? Move it to your garage or basement. If you don’t need it for work, it doesn’t belong in your office.

Do you still have documents on your hard drive that you haven’t read in 10 years? Delete those files or, at the very least, move them to an external hard drive so you can review them later. If you’re having a difficult time letting them go (because, you know, they might be helpful in the future) then you can delete all the files earlier than a certain date, or in a certain folder, etc.

#2: Learn to Love Automation and Outsourcing

Do you get lost in Facebook or Pinterest, even if you promised yourself only 15 minutes? A lot of smartphones now have app timers you can set up to set a specified time frame limitation to use that app.  As for posting your content on social media, you can use a social media scheduler such as HootSuite or Meet Edgar which allow you to schedule your social media posts in advance. This is an easy task for a Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant to take over.

Does your email inbox have 100+ messages from people who all want answers NOW? You can create filters to segregate your messages into specific folders which removes them from your inbox, and you can schedule a designated time to review the folders on topic or client at a time.  Another great option is to hire a Virtual Assistant to manage your inbox, thereby taking over that time consuming clutter so you can focus on creating the business you envision, creating and promoting your products and services and working with your clients.

#3: Put it in Writing! Document your repeated Business Tasks

Do you forget each month the different fonts or colors you use in formatting your blog posts? Does each member of your team perform tasks in your business their own way – using their own process?  Document the whole process and keep it in a central location. In this way, you will be able to hand it off to your team or, at the very least, use the documentation yourself and save yourself and your team from reinventing the wheel or forgetting a particular step of the process.

Your Business Operations Playbook 

Having repeatable, scalable systems and processes is one of the best ways to improve productivity, streamline your business, empower your team to perform their duties confidently and efficiently, and ignite productivity and growth!  

If you haven’t yet found the time or mental space to create a culture of consistency, organization and excellence built on proven processes in a clearly documented manner because the clutter of your business has distracted you and your team or the whole process seems overwhelming; we invite you to connect with us to start the process of building your Business Operations Playbook to transform your business to the highly efficient and profitable organization it’s meant to be.

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