Change Management
Change Management

Change requires adoption to be successful. Change Management is the on-going practice that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.

To make change easier, there are 4 elements of Change Management you need to consider:

  1. Duration: Change Management projects need verification throughout the process and project, which will allow you to know if you need to adjust or modify the implementation of the change program/initiative.

Whether reviews should be scheduled even more frequently depends on how long executives feel the project can carry on without going off track. Complex projects should be reviewed bi-weekly; more familiar or straightforward initiatives can be assessed every six to eight weeks.

  1. Integrity: clarify team members’ roles, commitments, and accountability. Oftentimes, change needs to be led by senior members of the team, ensuring key messages are transmitted in the best way possible to the team(s) that receive the information.
  2. Commitment: the level of commitment needs to be visible to all the levels of the organization, if team members don’t perceive any change in their leaders, they will not embrace changes. Remember to walk the talk.
  3. Effort: project managers should use simple metrics, such as the percentage of increase in effort the team members who must cope with the new ways feel they must contribute. They should also check if the additional effort they have demanded comes on top of heavy workloads and if team members are likely to resist the project because it will demand more of their scarce time.

Increase acceptance for the change by giving people back as much control as possible.

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