Outsourcing Benefits

Outsourcing Benefits

Most business owners begin looking for business management support when their business simply cannot grow anymore with them overseeing everything! An OBM takes things off your plate and is your ‘go to’ support, offering the freedom you need to focus on growing your business.

Here are seven tasks your OBM can take care of for you:

1. Project Management

You have your visionary ideas…now, let someone else look after planning and managing the timeline, budget, team members, resources and action steps that brings that your ideas to reality. When you’ve got multiple initiatives unfolding it can get overwhelming and be easy to get caught up in the ‘weeds’ and no longer be able to tell the forest from the trees. Let go of managing the details, put your time and energy towards your great ideas and vision, and let an OBM focus on the project management.

2. Revenue Stream Management

Multiple sources of revenue are typically what keeps an entrepreneur’s spirit (and bank account) alive. Only you can do the money-generating activities such as conduct the workshops/classes, design and deliver the course, coach your clients, write the book, etc. So, leave the coordination of the production, set-up, technology, launch and customer service to an OBM.

3. List Building

For any online business owner (and now even for some offline businesses), the email list is your lifeline. A constant flow of new subscribers is essential to ensuring your business continues to grow. Building and implementing the strategies as well as tracking results from the strategies to build the listing takes time and energy. So, it’s key to ensure this key task gets priority attention and an OBM can help you with that.

4. Marketing Implementation Management

Having an effective marketing strategy that builds your reputation as an expert, keeps you in touch with your customers and attracts new prospects is key for any business owner. An OBM can ensure your marketing strategy is implemented and managed on a consistent basis which could include reviewing upsell opportunities and free offers and, when necessary, establish and manage your team to take care of the ongoing marketing activities.

5. Operations Management

We all know it’s important to have key components such as billing, customer service, and communication running smoothly and effectively. Operations management ensures that business is being conducted at peak efficiency and ability. This involves the development and use of resources that are necessary for a business owner to deliver their goods and/or services to their clients. An OBM can lead business operations by developing and maintaining systems and standard operating procedures (SOPs) with the goal of delivering a great and consistent client and team experience.

6. Metrics

I’m sure as a business owner, at some point you’ve probably been told or learned that you have to know your numbers! Identifying and keeping track of key statistics on a consistent basis is essential to the success of any business. Questions such as: “How many people are opening my newsletter?” or “How did my launch/campaign/workshop compare to previous ones?” can be answered and assessed by the information you get from your metrics. Let an OBM keep track of your metrics and provide you with regular reports that chart your progress.

7. Team

The role of the Online Business Manager is to delegate and not do. OBMs are responsible for establishing and managing the team that does the execution. From recruitment and onboarding to management and evaluation, these responsibilities can be time-consuming while at the same time, focusing on growing your business. Free yourself from these activities and trust an OBM to do what they do best.

As an Entrepreneur, you have chosen to work FOR yourself…With an OBM in your business, you’ll ensure you’re not working BY yourself!

Want to assess if your business is ready for your OBM? Let’s Talk! Click here to set up a complimentary discovery session.


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